Home ownership represents the pinnacle of the American dream. Its the symbol of financial stability won by hard work and saving. The process of buying a home can be exciting and frustrating, but with the assistance of the right Realtor, you can get some valuable guidance and own part of the American dream.


Here at the VC House Hunter Team we have all potential buyers sit down for a free consultation prior to starting the process. In this meeting will discuss the clients goals & access their purchase power. If a buyer is not ready at that time, we coach them on what steps to take to in order to help them qualify in the short term future. 


Why work with our team?


EXPERIENCE- We have had great success in getting many buyers into their dream home. Whether it be, your first time or your moving up into your next home, we know the proven strategies to make our buyers offer stand apart from the rest. In this competitive market, you must work with an experienced agent that knows how to get offers accepted.



KNOWLEDGE- With many years in the real estate field, we have learned many things along the way. These findings are passed along to our clients, so they can make the right moves at the right time. Whether your a first time home buyer or a savy investor, we will still coach you through the process.



COMMUNICATION- For many the home buying process can be quite confusing. Our goal is to explain the home buying process step by step so you are completely informed. We reach out to our clients several times a week and prepare them for the upcoming steps. We are very responsive to calls to texts, if we can’t answer right away, we generally get back to you in a short amount of time. 



TRUST- With making one of the biggest purchases in your life, you need someone who will be in your corner to look after your best interest. We pride ourselves on being very honest and straight forward, even if that means we will lose a deal. Our reputation is everything and the brand of our company. SEE CLIENT REVIEWS



RESULTS- When home inventory is low, it creates ideal conditions for a sellers market. Which in turn makes it difficult for those buyers that have to compete with several other buyers to get their offer accepted. We are very confident in our ability to make our buyers stand out amongst the crowd. Having the right Realtor and lender in these situations are a must!