Are You Considering Selling Your Home? 

Your home is one of the biggest investments an individual will own in their lifetime. With that being said, why trust the sale of your biggest asset to an amateur or discount broker? The agent you choose will dramatically impact the amount of money you put in your pocket when the sale closes. 


Think of it this way...If you were going to have eye surgery, would you trust the safety of your eyesight to a doctor thats fresh out of Med school? Or are you going to seek out the services of a specialist with a proven track record that performs those high risk eye surgeries on a daily basis? Well we feel that same scenario is true when selling your most precious asset.."Your House." You must find that specialist that will sell your home in the quickest amount of time and for the highest amount of money.


Why Sell Your Home Us?

Because we pride ourselves on providing a marketing plan that is above the competition. We utilize other 3rd party businesses that use cutting edge technology to showcase your home. If your going to pay thousands of dollars to sell your house, don't you deserve to have the best of everything? Take a look at our 8 Step marketing strategy: 


 1. INTERNET-  With 95% of todays home buyers starting their home search online,  we know the importance of publishing your home on all the major real estate websites.




2. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY- 100% of of our listings, whether average condition or high end luxury; they all get the same attention by one of our certified photographers. High quality photos can are such a key component to our marketing and can increase buyer traffic by almost 50%. 




3. DRONE VIDEOS- On our higher end listings ($800,000+) we provide high definition 4k videos that are state of the art approach to capturing sky high images and video of your home. 






4. 3D VIRTUAL TOURS- We are contracted with a local company that photographs a 360 degree image of each room in your home. It then allows for anyone to see your home on the internet in complete detail. CLICK HERE





5. PROFESSIONAL STAGING- For our homes that are vacant, we recommend our sellers to utilize the expertise of professional staging companies. Staging can dramatically increase the appeal for potential home buyers. 







6. MARKETING- For all new listings, we have    a graphic design artist create a custom postcard that is unique to each home. Along with our high resolution photos, these pieces truly portrait a luxury feel. We will then mail or hand deliver 250 postcards surrounding your home. 





7. MEGA OPEN HOUSES- Our team tries to deliver a unique experience. We invite the neighbors for a private VIP viewing of your home the day before our first open house. On the day of the open house, we put out out a minimum of 20 signs with flags for maximum exposure. 




8. BUYER VIP CLUB- Our website generates several hundred visitors per month. Many of these leads are actively looking for homes in our market area. When we take a listing we send it to all potential buyers that are part of our exclusive VIP CLUB.